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Just the Embryo

$ 0 + Embryo

Buyer takes possession of the recipient carrying purchased embryo at 60 days confirmed in foal. Buyer assumes all risk and costs associated with recipient mare and resulting foal. Recipient mare must be returned to KF within 8 months post foaling.

Full Service

$ 4,000 + Embryo

Recipient mare remains at Kimberlee Farms. Embryo is guaranteed to 60 days in foal for ET, and 8 months in foal for ICSI. Kimberlee Farms handles all general expenses relating to the mare and resulting foal until foal is weaned (with exceptions).

Live Foal Guarentee

$ 7,500 + Embryo

Recipient mare remains at Kimberlee Farms. Live foal guarantee is valid until 48 hours old. Kimberlee Farms handles all general costs associated with recipient mare and resulting foal until foal is weaned (with exceptions).

Custom Foal

$ Custom

If you like one of our mares but are not satisfied with the stallion options available, reach out to us and we can arrange to have a mare of your choosing bred to whichever stallion you wish.

Why Buy an Embryo From Us?

We offer some of the most exclusive embryos available in North America. We utilize modern breeding techniques and our extensive network to produce embryos by hard to find and sought after stallions, out of our collection of top sport mares.

Don't worry about wasting money buying a frozen embryo that might not result in a pregnancy. All of our embryos are already implanted in mares in North America, that means no risk of the embryo not resulting in a pregnancy, and no import costs or VAT. There is not a simpler, more cost effective way to buy embryos of this quality in North America.

All of our embryos are already implanted in recipient mares located in North America. We do NOT sell frozen embryos. When you are buying an embryo from us you can rest assured that you have as little risk as possible. We guarantee our pregnancies to 60 days for ET, and 8 months for ICSI. If you need more assurance we offer Live Foal Guarantee packages.

The process to purchase embryos through us is as simple or as hands-on as you would like. If you have experience breeding, and would like to bring the recipient mare to you, that's an option. If you would prefer for us to handle everything from care of the recipient, to foaling, and beyond, that's an option too.

The mares and embryos are located mainly in Southern California, but occasionally we will have some in Texas and/0r Florida.

No! The price you see is the price you pay. Our packages are designed to be all inclusive, after the initial invoice you will not receive another invoice from us.

Payment plans are offered for both Full Service and Live Foal Guarantee packages.

Conthargos x Bella


Conthargos was our first choice when deciding who to breed Bella to for her first foal. Conthargos produces offspring with a lot of blood, a good hind end, and modern build. We are expecting a medium sized foal with great technique and bascule.


Kentucky x Beezie


If you are looking for an amateur horse with all of the scope, this embryo is for you. Kentucky Van 't Ruytershof jumped the big classes with Dennis Lynch and Harrie Smolders, recently sold to the US to be ridden by Junior Rider Chapin Cheska. The dam of this embryo, Beezie, jumped at the 1.60 level with Shane Sweetnam and Hayley Barnhill, and then in the U25 and Young Riders with Emma Sargent. Both the father and mother of this embryo jumped the top of sport, and then competed with amateurs, we expect the offspring to do the same.


Tangelo x Bella