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Our Backstory

Established in 1978, Kimberlee Farms is the lifelong passion project of Kim and Mike Von Disterlo. The first mares bred were thoroughbreds, which were almost all that were available in North America in the 70's. These first mares were bred primarily to North American based stallions.

When breeding with frozen semen from Europe became accessible, Kim began the first evolution of the breeding program. Now, North American bred Warmbloods were being bred to European based stallions, resulting in a higher quality offspring.

Realizing that the best stallions were not available to North American breeders, Kim began to purchase mares in Europe, leaving them there to be bred, and importing the offspring. The first foal crop (2017) of this method proved to be the most talented yet.

With advancements in breeding technology (OPU, ICSI, etc), Kim was able to bring her mares abroad home to Kimberlee Farms, while still breeding them with European stallions with poor semen quality.

In 2020, in partnership with BE Sporthorses, the final evolution of Kimberlee Farms came to life. Taking more than 40 years of lessons, growth, and experience into account, the decision to transform the breeding program to one with a focus on sport was made. This transition came with the acquisition of two new mares, Beezie (Level 1.60, by Cardento), and Bella (Level 1.45. by Balous Bellini).

With every foal crop being better than the last, Kimberlee Farms is enthusiastic about the future, and ready to make an impact on the sport.

Our Team


Kimberlee Von Disterlo



Mike Von Disterlo



Emma Irwin

Grand Prix Rider


Ben Stout

Young Horse Trainer


Sotero Chavez

Ranch Manager